“Flood your mind with love Look into the eyes of the other and embrace the person with whom you have quarreled – Swami Chinmayananda”
With more than thirty years of yeomen service to the Industrial city of Bokaro Steel in Jharkhand, the school and mission both is proud of their contribution in the field of education and Vedantic studies .
Chinmaya Vidyalaya Bokaro had produced many great personalities of international repute who have earned laurels for their Alma Mater.
In the year 2010, Chinmaya Bokaro Alumni Association was established to provide a platform to all its old students to work in unison and bridge the gap between the old and new students . From that year onwards 24th December is observed as ALUMNI DAY. Today this small seed has grown into a virtuous tree and has become an integral part of Chinmaya Family.
The motto of alumni association is to foster involvement of all concerned as well as inspire and integrate them to contribute in the well-being of the nation in the spirit of Gurudev’s vision.
• To promote social concern and serve humanity with love and compassion.
• To motivate the new generation to excel in all spheres of life and shape a better future.
• To encourage teamwork and collaboration in all its endeavours.
• Blood Donation Camp
• Blanket distribution to pavement dwellers
• Enrichment of school library through addition of new books
• To be a part of "Meet the Achievers".
• Felicitation of Retired teachers.
Working creatively, we shall be the torch bearers Gurudev's vision and are determined to preserve the culture of CHINMAYA FAMILY.
Keep Smiling !!
Vidya Vritti
As Chinmayans, we have always pledged ‘to give more than what we take and produce more than what we consume’. As children we were taken care of very well. Today we are all well-educated and successful. Now it’s time that we contribute in our own small ways to give the same care and education to a few meritorious children and try to make a difference to the society. In the year 2009, this strong desire took a formal shape in the form of “Vidya Vritti”. Started in year 2009, it is a scholarship program funded by Chinmaya Smiles Back, the alumni association of Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Bokaro, Bharat. The scholarship is limited to two students from economically humble backgrounds to study in Chinmaya Vidyalaya for a two year period during 11-12 class. This is assigned competitively from among the applicants.
A selection committee consisting of members from alumni association and some invited teachers evaluate the received applications every year based on their performance in 10th board and if needed his/her 9th class performance in their respective schools. A set of screened applicants, are called for a direct interview with the committee.
What does the scholarship program offer !! On selection, CSB takes care of most of the financial responsibility of the selected candidate’s education in Chinmaya. This includes:
• School Fees for two academic years (25% of the non-tuition component charged at the time of admission will have to be borne by the student)
• Free bus facility
• Discounted school uniform
• Free course books
As a gesture of support for CSB’s initiative, the school waives their bus fee and provides their school dress. With help of school teachers, we have been able to arrange for books as well.
NOTE: If the student after getting the scholarship fails to get 60% marks in two consecutive exams, the scholarship would be withdrawn temporarily. However, it can resume if the student improves his/her performance in the next exam.